Expreso Imaginario


Expreso Imaginario (Imaginary Express) published from August 1976 to January 1983, in total of 78 issues, was an influential rock magazine in Argentina (circulation of about 15 000). (Expreso Imaginario) (Detailed history of the Expreso Imaginario.)

1978 April

Vol. 3 No. 21

The Mothers "Over-Nite Sensation"
By Fernando Basabru, p 44

Automatic translation: Originally released in 1973, this Lp is located, in The Mothers discography, between "The Grand Wazoo" (1972) and the live double "Roxy And Elswhere" (1974), unpublished, for now, in our country. (read more)

Source: archive.org

1978 August

Vol. 3 No. 25

La poesia en el rock
La poesia de Frank Zappa
By Aredo Rosso, pp 38-39

8 song lyrics translated to Spanish by A. Rosso.

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1979 August

Vol. 4 No. 37

Frank Zappa "Sheik Yerbouti"
By Alfredo Rosso, p 54

Automatic translation: Bored? Tired of "progressive" albums that promise more than they deliver? Zappa is the solution. (read more)

Source: archive.org

1980 February

Vol. 4 No. 43

Coda Interview: Frank Zappa
By Tim Schneckloth, 1p

Part of the interview from Down Beat, May 18, 1978 translated to Spanish.

Source: mercadolibre.com.ar

1980 May

Vol. 4 No. 46

Zas. Zap. Zappa
By Alfredo Rosso, pp 19-22

1982 March

Vol. 6 No. 68

El compositor moderno sigue negándose a morir
By Marcelo Gació, pp 26-28

Zappa profile article titled "The present day composer refuses to die".

Source: slime.oofytv.set