The most prominent weekly in Milwaukee (now Shepherd Express), a free publication. (wikipedia)

1985 March


Frank Zappa: Interview
By Pete Christensen, p 25

Where's The Beef?
Captain Beefheart interview by Konrad Ebisch, p 12

Captain Beefheart – A Brief History
By Scott Puffer, p 13

Frank Zappa talked backstage at the Wisconsin State Fair in August. WMSE morning man, Pete Christensen captured this interview for Express.

Q: You took about a year and a half hiatus from music –
A. Two years.
Q. Why was that?
A. I worked on an opus of music.
Q. That was when you put out the "Symphony" album, right?
A. Yeah.
Q. What prompted you to go out on the road now?
A. Well, I hadn't been in the world of classical music before, but once I got into it I found out it was even more artificial than the world of rock and roll.
Q. That's a shocker, I would think that that is something right up your alley.
A. Well, I like music, but the committees you have to work with are really depressing. (read more)