Eye magazine was published by the Hearst Corporation (Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping) to cover the emerging youth explosion of the 1960's. It was marketed to college students (male & female) covering fashion, music, and politics. There were only 15 issues published between March 1968 and May 1969. (Women Blog)

1968 November

Vol. 1 No. 9


What's Sexy?
Fifteen celebrities tell what turns them on

By Sandra Shevey, pp 52-53

Frank Zappa Songbook
pp 78-79

Frank Zappa – musician

"Most women don't turn me on, because the one quality I like they don't have – logic. After you've spent some time together, you have to talk, and most women are ridiculous. The ones I like can make things happen. They've already made an assessment of what the world's about, and save me the trouble of going through the boring preliminaries.

"My sense of humor also limits my friends. Some of the things I laugh at send other people to the hospital.

"I like a girl who's well-built. I also like girls who smell clean, and I guess I like long hair. But that's all pretty unimportant to me. It's what going on inside her head. The way some American girls are slaves to makeup and beauty aids is almost obscene. It would be all right if she bought stuff which complemented her, but she buys out of desperation, rather than ornamentation.

"I'm also turned off by girls who don't like to be touched, by very religious women, and by politically disinterested people – of either sex."

Source: slime.oofytv.set