Focus Rock Entertainment


Free bimonthly magazine from Columbus, OH.

1976 December 15-31

Vol. 2 No. 22


The Father Of The Mothers Zappa!
Interview by Terry Wilson, pp 14-15 

Late one Monday night I found myself face to face with one of the most enigmatic figures of the international music scene. Frank Zappa's influence in rock music may not be fully appreciated for a long time (possibly not until he dies) but his imposing contributions so far have bent, twisted and broken many clichés of both pop and jazz.

Zappa impresses on several levels. He is a clear-headed professional musician who makes it his business to have most things under his control. He looks exactly as he does on his LP covers. (He has the weirdest color eyes, sort of a yellowish-brown, the whites very clear.) His well-known disdain for interviews and interviewers had me uptight at first, but his responses were honest and soon I had detected a great deal of warmth and sensitivity under the hardened exterior. A nice surprise.

Zappa is two conversational personalities, however. As the interview got underway the room was crowed with people and his responses were the expected wise-ass variety. Later, when it was more one-to-one he was almost totally different. Zappa is, without a doubt, one of the most significant contributors and personalities in modern music. (read more)

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