A highly respected quarterly magazine on avant-garde music.
This Japanese magazine focused on "Psychedelic, Avant-garde, Underground." G-Modern is the magazine put out by the head of the PSF label, Hideo Ikeezumi. The text is all in Japanese, but each issue is crammed with great photographs, weird artwork and ads, and lots of album reviews (the Japanese tradition of always reproducing every cover is helpful here). There's a big emphasis on older, ultra obscure stuff, so there's always a few repros of covers you'll definitely never see for the rest of your life. The accent is not only on the Tokyo underground as documented by PSF, but the entire history of worldwide psychedelic, avant-garde and underground music. Each issue is printed on nice book stock paper, in the 100 page range. (Forced Exposure)


No. 3


ザッパ 道探検のためのガィ ドブック(下) (Zappa Guide Book)
By 上野 秀之 (Hideyuki Ueno), pp 36-39

Issue #3 features Keiji Haino, Fushitsusha, Charlatans, Frank Zappa, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, reviews (all in japanese) with photos.

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1993 Summer/Autumn

No. 4


ERROR GURUキャプテン・ビーフハート物語(1) (Error Guru: the Captain Beefheart story #1)
By 秋田昌美 (Masami Akita), pp 32-35

The part one of the biography of Captain Beefheart.




1994 Winter

No. 5


キャプテン・ビーフハート物語(2) (The Captain Beefheart story #2)
By 秋田昌美 (Masami Akita), pp 28-31

巨星、逝く (The giant star passed away)
By 上野秀之 (Hideyuki Ueno), p 31

The part two of the Beefheart biography, along with the obituary of FZ.