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1999 May

Vol. 3 No. 5


The Universe of Frank Zappa
By Richard Abowitz, pp 8-18
(Gadfly Online – May 1999)

After you've been listening to Frank Zappa – nothing else, just Zappa – for days and days, the moment will come when you get it. Or maybe you lose it. You catch a fragment of conversation and await the descending trill of Synclavier sound. Instead of sleeping, you drive around all night listening to Thing-Fish and Joe's Garage, and not just because they're long and you want to get to the end of the story, but also because the people you live with refuse to allow any more Zappa in the house. Friends stare as you proclaim the merits of "The Dog Breath Variations," "Uncle Meat" and "G-Spot Tornado." Some try to be sympathetic and ask you to name a Zappa song that they might know. "Dancin' Fool," you say, hopefully. Nothing. "Valley Girl." Blank stare. "Titties and Beer," "Montana," and, knowing that you're losing them, you blurt out, "Watch out where the huskies go/ an' don't you eat that yellow snow." Your friends ask you not to discuss Frank Zappa with them. Worst of all, you spend your now ever-increasing spare time digging through technical manuals trying to find out – just what is Telefunken U-47? Welcome to Zappa's Universe. (read more)

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