Gallery is a men's magazine begun by Montcalm Publishing in 1972. It is one of the more popular "skin" magazines that arose on the Playboy magazine pattern in the 1970s. (wikipedia)

1989 June

Vol. 17 No. 6


Sharp Words From Music's Cutting Edge
By Ron Chepesiuk, pp 36-39, 78, 97

GALLERY: Let's start off with what everybody else has been talking about: politics. George Bush was sworn in yesterday as president. What are your thoughts on the occasion?

ZAPPA: It's a bunch of garbage! There we had all those Republicans – who should have been at the inaugural with flashlights, trying to find George's thousand points of lightwhile around them were people who would love to have a bowl of rice and a roof over their heads. Bush could have made big points with everyone if he had rented some fucking tents for those [homeless] people to get them through the winter! (read more)


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