Good Times


Good Times is a music and entertainment paper in Long Island, New York, USA, founded in 1969. Technically it is the oldest music and entertainment newspaper in USA. (wikipedia)

1976 December 27

Vol. 8 No. 160


Frank Zappa: Felt Forum
By Dennis Horgan, p 17

 As Frank Zappa's new version of the Mothers took the stage some 45 minutes late, they were warmly greeted by a boisterous and enthusiastic audience. The reception became more than warm as a red jump suited Zappa strode to mid-stage, introduced the band, and then himself as "your old pal, Frankie." As it turned out, the wait was well worth it as the audience was treated to two hours of Zappa Music, old and new, plus a healthy dose of the famous Zappa humor. (read more)

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1977 December 19

Issue 186


Frank Zappa: The Palladium
By Steve Wishnia, p 31

 "Percussoid" Ed Mann used a No Parking sign as a thundersheet at one point during this year's Halloween show. That's as good a metaphor as any for the content of the 3-hour set: avante-garde allusions and pretentions peeking out from behind Zappa's traditional low-taste, dadaistic slapstick. (read more)

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1979 May 8-21

Vol. 10 No. 221


Frank Zappa: The Original Freak Strikes Oil as the Sheik
By Dennis Broe, pp 40-41

    Deh words "Number 32 with a bullet" have a peculiah ring to dem.

    At least they do in the case of Frank Zappa. Zappa's latest release, a double-album with a disco-parodic title, Sheik Yerbouti, is going where few Zappa albums before it have ever gone. In these days of rapidly escalating record prices, it's hard enough to break an album onto the charts that sounds even a trifle, well, out of the ordinary. (read more)

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1981 December 1-14

Vol. 12 No. 290


Zappa: He Are What He Is
Interview by Bill Milkowski, pp 17, 19

  Ever since his honorary induction into the rock & roll Hall of Fame with his 1967 debut album, Freak Out, the name Frank Zappa has been associated with irreverence. His discography to date may very well rank alongside the collected works of such renowned cynics and social commentators as Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw and H.L. Mencken – all first-class upstarts in their own right. (read more)

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2017 July 11-24

No. 1227


Dweezil Zappa Calling His Own Shots In Westhampton Beach
By ?, p 7

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