Grapevine was a short-lived music paper in Toronto at the beginning of the 70s.

1971 December 1

No. 5


200 Motels โ€“ Life On The Road, Part 1
By Martin Melhuish, pp 1, 18, 26

NEW YORK - It was one of those rainy New York nights that lately I have always seemed to run into whenever I am down that way and for me Manhattan is becoming more infamous for drizzle than dear old blighty. The occasion for this latest visit was to witness the birth of Frank Zappa's newest creation, a movie this time, 200 Motels. United Artists had gone to considerable expense, (actually I found out later that Frank also had more than a picayune financial investment in this particular project), to fly in the pop press from all over Europe and North America to be on hand for it's premiere. The Mothers of Invention Carnegie Hall gig coincided within a couple of days of the screening of 200 Motels so it was a matter of killing two birds with one stone. (read more)


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1971 December 23

No. 6


200 Motels โ€“ Life On The Road, Part 2
By Martin Melhuish, pp 19-20

It was quite a predicament as Zappa remembers:

"We had a business meeting in the dressing room with Herb Cohen the business manager and all the guys in the group plus Ringo Starr. We were sitting around trying to figure out who in the world could memorize about sixty pages of dialogue and learn the bass parts. Who? (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set