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As a leader in the specialised guitar press, Guitar Part stands out by its refreshing mixture of education and humour, all the while developing a general approach of the rock culture. Scores, educational CDs, material samples, interviews, polls, files... (roularta)
Has a quarterly complement issue Guitar Collector.

2003 May

No. 110

Zappa was a Rolling Stone
By J.-B. Méchernane, pp 30-36

Source: slime.oofytv.set


2018 April

No. 289

Zappa/Mothers "The Roxy Performances"
By Guillaume Ley, p 48

2018 August

No. 293

100 meilleurs guitaristes
pp 26-47

In top 100 guitarists of all time picked up by the Guitar Part edition Frank Zappa is on place 19. Two ex-members of Zappa band Steve Vai and Adrian Belew are listed as #7 and #96 respectively.

Source: Vitaly Zaremba


2019 January

No. 298

Among the educational material accompanying the issue of the magazine on the Guitar Part website, a video advertised on the cover of the magazine, "Jimi Plays Zappa", featuring Jimi Drouillard and his band performing some of Zappa's songs, was released.




2019 December

No. 309

Les Extravagantes Aventures de Frank Zappa Acte 2, Christophe Delbrouck
By Guillaume Ley, p 48

Review of the second volume of the Frank Zappa trilogy by Chriatophe Delbrouck.