Hot Wacks Quarterly


Hot Wacks Quarterly is an underground magazine that has been in circulation since 1980, featuring reviews of bootleg music releases. Reviews include information such as source, quality, track listing and packaging. It is commonly referred to as the 'Bootleg Bible' by bootleg collectors. (wikipedia) ISSN 0709-8928


Vol. 3 No. 4 Issue 12


Collecting Zappa
By Robert Boyer, pp 32-33

The Mud Shark Anthology, Pt. I
By R.C., p 11

The Mud Shark label came into existence in October of 1979 with it's first release appearing in December of 1979. The label ceased all operations in mid-May, 1981, on orders from 'the goon squad'. During that time the label put out eight Frank Zappa projects that included 21 albums full of great music and history. (...)

The following is the complete list of all the underground records released on the Mud Shark label:

  • MZ3601 Necessity Is (Dec/79) 2500 pressed
  • MZ3601 Rustic Protrusion (June/80) 2000 pressed: 1500 on black vinyl; 400 on blue vinyl; 100 on red vinyl
  • MZ3602 Easy Meat (March/80) 2800 pressed
  • MZ3603 Conceptual Continuity (July/80) 3200 pressed
  • MZ 3604 Project/Object (July/80) 3200 pressed
  • MZ 3605 Could This Be ... Joe's Garage, Acts IV & V (Oct/80) 2000 pressed
  • MZ 3606 Fred Zappelin (Dec/80) 2000 pressed
  • MZ 3607 A Token Of His Extreme (Jan/81) 2500 pressed: 2000 on black vinyl; 500 on green vinyl
  • MZ4801-4812 20 Years Of Frank Zappa (April/81) 1000 pressed





Vol. 4 No. 1 Issue 13


The Mud Shark Anthology, Pt. II
By R.C., pp 23-27