Hundred Flowers


Hundred Flowers was an underground newspaper published in Minneapolis, Minnesota from April 17, 1970 to April 4, 1972. It was produced by a communal collective. (wikipedia)

1970 July 10

Vol. 1 No. 11


(1) Frank Zappa Speaks
Interview by Hundred Flowers, 2 pp

(2) Mothers Of Invention – Zappa De Guthrie
By Thomas Utne, 1 pp

(1) HUNDRED FLOWERS: You played in Indianapolis last night?
FRANK ZAPPA: And Friday night. That’s four shows in three nights after tonight.
HF: Whew!
Z: Right on, brother. Three nights in a row is good for the exercise but it’s bad for creativity. You find yourself playing the same solos over and over again. (read more)

Source: Charles Ulrich, Steve Hecht, Drew51, Cedar-Riverside History