ICE - originally International CD Exchange then they shortened the title. A very information dense newsletter detailing CD release dates in the states as well as info about "grey area" CDs and a fantastic section called CD watchdog which detailed mastering errors, lousy re-issues, etc.
Pete Howard of founded, published and edited ICE newsletter/magazine from 1987 until its demise in 2006.
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1990 September

No. 42


Frank Zappa Discusses Upcoming CD Projects
By Pete Howard, pp 1, 5


p 5

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1990 October

No. 43


Follow up to Frank Zappa Discusses Upcoming CD Projects (inside The CD Watchdog)
By Pete Howard, p 2


p 2

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2004 October

No. 211


Surround-Sound Seventies Magic
By Gene Sculatti, p 4


Source: slime.oofytv.set