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1979 September 24


The Island-Ear Interview: Frank Zappa
By IE, pp 8-9 

Interviewing Frank Zappa may not be a very comfortable experience but it certainly is an intriguing one. Zappa did not seem to be particularly enthused with the interview situation, but he was accommodating and provocative.

When you meet Frank Zappa you discover that he's not as weird as his image projects. In fact, with the aid of his new short haircut he seems as normal as the next person. What he has to say (in his music and conversation) is not exactly run of the mill stuff.

Zappa has sustained for 14 years, gathering an increasing amount of devotees with each album. He's been able to do this not only because of his musical genius but because he's been his own man following his own best instincts. These instincts have sparked controversy but he usually emerges scarless. Frank Zappa is nobody's fool. (read more)

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