The Journal For Serious Record Collectors


"The official magazine of the United States Record Club." Published in Kalamazoo, IL by collector Warren Peace, author of Peace Record Guide, 1979.


Vol. 1


Zappalog (The First Step of Zappalogy)
A study of Frank Zappa by Norbert Obermanns, Steve Litin & Warren Peace, pp 7-10

Frank Zappa Interview
By Ed Baker, pp 11-38

This journal includes some pages from Zappalog (for some reason credited to Steve Litin and Warren Peace too) and an interview by Ed Baker published originally in Hot Flash.

The journal was a 100 numbered copies limited print. Some copies had Frank Zappa poster, some "The Roots of Jimi Hendrix" poster and the rest had The Cunts poster; plus 50 copies had Peter Tosh flexidisk, the other half The Cunts flexidisk.

Source: slime.oofytv.set