La Domenica del Corriere


La Domenica del Corriere (The Sunday Courier) was a popular Italian weekly newspaper founded in Milan in 1899 and closed in 1989. (wikipedia)

1982 July 24

Vol. 84 No. 30


Ecco i divi dell'estate rock (Here are the stars of summer rock)
By ?, pp 42-43

 Automatic translation: In Milan, the English band Police and the legendary Frank Zappa attract over fifty thousand spectators.
Milan. Frank Vincent Zappa, 43, from Baltimore (United States), known as "the Stravinski of rock", has chosen Italy for his long summer tour. On the limelight since 1966, Zappa, singer, musician and poet, continues to fascinate young people, so much so that, on the occasion of the concert in Milan, the police had to disperse with tear gas those who were protesting for not being able to attend. Zappa is considered an "uncomfortable character" in the United States due to the harsh and irreverent criticism he addresses to the system. Major radio and television networks have even imposed an embargo on his songs. "They consider me a public enemy" says Frank Zappa "but it's not true, I love my country, but I can't stand stupid people and unfortunately there are many".

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