Loafing The Donkey


"Fanzine for cinema, music, and American culture."
Long running and infamous music fanzine out of Memphis, most published in the early to mid nineties. Earlier issues are 8vo size. Later issues are produced in half legal format. Many have covers or interior sheets which feature hand coloring. As one might expect, there is much devoted to the Memphis Garage Rock scene, including material on the Oblivians. One of the most fun music fanzines of the nineties. (Division Leap)

1994 February

No. 41


By Peter Mantis, pp 1-2

ZAPPA! Uncle Frank. What a icon! To many, ZAPPA was god! But in reality, he wasn't and he NEVER wanted that title bestowed on himself by ... crappa Zappa ... so talented, yet at times, so STUPID! Frank never learned how to PLAY the game against the POWERS that be and you know what? it COSTED him DEARLY ... look no further than soiled deals with MGM, Bizzare, Herb Cohen, Warners, Mercury, CBS, MCA, EMI, the Press, the list goes on and on ... Frank was and always will be to be – a true HIPSTER!

I pretty much QUIT listening to his 80's and ear l y 90's material, and quit attending his concerts for reasons t arduous to reflect on a lot of his stuff on Barking Pumpkin was so S-T-O-O-P-I-D-! , yet on the other hand something kept one coming back for more. I guess once a fan, always ... like some sort of tribal loyalty.

I'll always remember ZAPPA for taking on moronic do gooders like Tipper Gore and Jessie Helms and EXPOSING just how LAME and self serving they were ... I myself, want NO part of the America that Gore and Helms would rule over ... dullsville and worst ... the cultural kiss of death and some!
And you know what? If Zappa didn't come down with DA cancer, old Frank just might have ran for the office of President, and beaten Bill Clinton ... and we would have HAD an PRESIDENT who actually THINKS and tells the TRUTH! And understand a screw job when it's happening to the American public ... and knows the value of an dollar earned and saved! ... sheesh, perhaps in an alternative universe, Zappa is President, and I'm the head of Mantis Broadcasting, who owns WMC and a bunch of other stations...
So in closing, good bye and God rest HR & Frank. Give 'em hell upstairs... HAIHA!HA! bet Jesus is pulling his beard out!

Fuck. I hate xmas. 'cuz it's such a dog and pony show. People phoney sweet. Get those gifts. Give, receive, spend, spend, spend, arghhhhh lots of false fronts . Especially at HOLIDAY gatherings when the booze, the weed, the pills, sniff, whatever takes hold and goes on line ...

Most Americans are full of crap. They wouldn't know the true meaning of friends or friendships, if it WENT up their bleeping BUTTHOLE. OH XMAS SPIRIT, SPARE ME! THIS LITTLE CHARADE ... !HOIHO! The other night at the company XMAS party, some one mused to me what is friendship? To me, the ability to accept one's pal(s) through thick and thin. STICKING by them, even when the bulk of the planet is crying for their scalps it's also rewarding them for pure loyalty, the old two way street It used to be that way in the 1940's, 50's, and early60's But as the 1970's and 80's ran amok, and the 1990's weasle on towards the end of the decade REAL friendship, IS INDEED a most PRIZED item as the 20th century grinds to a plodding halt...

Peter Mantis/Loafing the Donkey
December 11, 1993.5:05 AM CST.

cover p 35

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