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The Los Angeles Times Magazine (also shortened to just LA) was a monthly magazine which supplemented the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times newspaper on the first Sunday of the month. The magazine focused on stories and photos of people, places, style, and other cultural affairs occurring in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities and communities. The Los Angeles Times Magazine was the successor to West Magazine, and was published between 2000 and 2012. (wikipedia)

1988 October 30

Vol. 4 No. 43


Democracy's Pitchman
By Joe Morgenstern, 8 pp

ZAPPA LIVES mostly by night when he isn’t on the road. All his business ventures are run out of his house, which he’s lived in since 1968, and night is the only time things are quiet enough for him to compose music – serious music, or at any rate music that’s qualitatively different from the loose-limbed, joyous rock he plays on stage. Starting our conversation at 10 p.m. is a courtesy to him but also a convenience for me since there’s no clutter on either of our scopes: no famous kids with funny names, no secretaries typing, no phones ringing, no techies editing tape or fixing equipment, nothing and no one but Frank Zappa, the phantom of his own baroque opera. (read more)