Marabo is 1978 in Bochum (Ruhr Basin) by Macho and Christian Hennig founded city magazine. In July 2005 the booklet stopped its appearance. (

1978 February 15-28

No. 4 


By Joko, pp 4-5

Zappa-Konzert in Düsseldorf
By Kalle King, pp 6-7

There are article about Frank Zappa sub-titled "underground or commercial" and Philipshalle, Düsseldorf,  February 1, 1978,  concert review.

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1980 June

No. 6


Zappa – nein danke
By Christoph Biermann & Peter Temminghoff, pp 6-9


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1980 July

No. 7 


FZ nein danke – immer noch
By Christoph Biermann, p 43


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