Mašurkovské Podzemné

 Czechia / Czechoslovakia

Mašurkovské Podzemné (Mashurkovske underground) was a samizdat magazine from Přerov, Moravia. The very first issue #0 was printed in 1984 in one copy, but it circulated around 100 people. The next issue #1 appeared only in 1987 with the intention of informing people about underground events in Moravia. „My žijeme v Mašurkově / to je tam / kde se nikdy nic / nezjeví.“ ("We live in Mašurkov / that's where / nothing will ever appear.") In total 26 issues published until 2003. Often they translate articles from High Times. (


Issue 22


Captain Beefheart: Vztyčte ploutve - Grow Fins
By Halfskin (Milan Mézl) and PSW (Petr Světašlápek Weiser), pp 18-22

Reviews of the Grow Fins CD set and books on Captain Beefheart.

Source: Václav Pěnkava