Milkshake Madmoiselle


"The Northwests' Newest Record Collector And Music Freaks Newspaper" - free bimonthly from Bellingham, Washington. Titled after a song by Jerry Lee Lewis.

1982 January-February

Vol. 1 No. 4


Close Encounter With Zappa
By Arthur Deco, p 5

SCENE: New Years' Eve Day, '75/'76, Long Beach Arena.

I am hanging out around the stage door, wearing the three foot high goat fur hat, I had custom made for me, just a few days prior by a funky little shop in Lancaster. I had been escorted out of the main auditorium section earlier by one of the crew and decided to take a chance and sit a few hours 'round back, smoke my cigarillos and hope for a glimpse of the high priest of progressive Rock. (read more)

p 3

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