Monroe Doctrine


The Monroe Doctrine is Monroe Community College's student-run newspaper, focusing on news and events relevant to the MCC community. (Monroe Community College)

1988 March 21

Vol. 26 No. 23


The Zappa Interview
By Sheila Gavin, pp 3, 7

LMCC student Sheila Gavin, met with Frank Zappa after his War Memorial show on Friday, March 11. Gavin, working with The League of Women Voters, helped register 330 people during the concert. The show was a new experience for Gavin's colleagues at the LWV. One woman said it was "like no other registration she's ever been to," said Gavin, adding, "one person was obviously intoxicated. She couldn't fill out the form. I told her she could take the form home, fill it out and mail it to the Board of Elections."  (read more)

p 3 p 7

Source: Javier Marcote