Montreal Gazette


The Gazette, often called the Montreal Gazette to avoid ambiguity, is the only English-language daily newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. One of the oldest newspapers in North America, founded in 1778. (wikipedia)

1967 January 14


Mothers Of The World Unite! Inventively!
By Nick Auf der Maur, p 19

The great centre of collective American insanity, the West Coast, has for a while now been the main source of all those crazy things that make up the flourishing U.S. subculture.

The latest of these dubious, but highly entertaining contributions to be felt on the Montreal scene, is a typically far out West Coast group called the Mothers of Invention.

The Mothers claim to fame is a new musical form known as “freaking out” with “shock rock.” (read more)


Source: Charles Ulrich


1973 December 26


Zappa Still Baffles His Fans
By Iain MacLeod, p 15

“There are four things you need to know to understand my music," Frank Zappa said. “You have to know about rhythm 'n' blues. You have to have a working knowledge of all Western art music over the past 100 years. You have to have a complete working knowledge of all my albums since 1964. And you have to have seen at least one of my shows at least once a year.”

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