Music Express


Founded in 1976 as Alberta Music Express by Keith Sharp, it was renamed Music Express in 1978 for most of its run, also becoming Rock Express for the duration of 1986 to 1988. Last issue was December 1992. ISSN 0848-9645 (wikipedia)

1992 January

Vol. 16 No. 167


Make A Zappa Noise Here
By Alastair Sutherland, pp 68-69

In spite of his fight against cancer, Frank Zappa had a busy 50th year – he finished a new classical piece, put out two live albums and an eight-CD box set of "factory reprocessed" bootlegs, and still found time for political commentary as well.

"Let's say you found a turd. If you took the turd and buffed it, you'd still have a turd. And that's what you have with these releases – a digital replication of a buffed turd." (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set