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The popular monthly magazine, established in April 1969 as a New Music Magazine, changed his name to Music Magazine in 1980. Sister to Record Collector's Magazine. (wikipedia)

1972 September

Vol. 4 No. 9


Special: Mothers and their sons  特集: マザーズとその息子たち
By various authors, pp 26-47

This Zappa/Mothers/Alice Cooper special is in total 22 pages, several articles by different authors. Below is the detailed table of contents.

26 特集=マザーズとその息子たち:

28 薔薇色の蛇―或いは、路上の血溜りに ( 征木高司 )
32 騒音と冗談によるアジテーション( 宮澤壮佳 )
38 年寄りには難解、若者にはわかる―マザーズ、ファッグズたちの音楽( 八木康夫 )
42 鏡の中のアリス・クーパー( 北中正和 )


1976 April

Vol. 8 No. 4


Zappa and the Mothers in Japan  日本でのザッパとマザーズ
pp 30-37

English translation of this press conference is available at


Source: slime.oofytv.set


1980 February

Vol. 12 No. 2

Special: The Eternal Avant-garde, Zappa and Beefheart 特集:永遠のアバンギャルド、ザッパとビーフハート 
By various authors, pp 42-63

This Zappa/Beefheart special is in total 22 pages, several articles by different authors. Below is the detailed table of contents.

42 特集:永遠のアバンギャルド、ザッパとビーフハート

43 一段と磨きのかかってきた音楽性と演劇性 … 中村とうよう
49 狂気とユーモアのうしろに潜むマジメ人間 … 小倉エージ
54 15年も狂気のパワーを持続したビーフハート … 山名昇
60 フランク・ザッパ・アンド・ザ・マザーズ・オブ・インヴェンション・ディスコグラフィー


1985 March

Vol. 17 No. 3

Frank Zappa is a great chef of condensed rock soup フランク・ザッパはロック濃縮スープの名シェフだ
By Kojima Sachiho 小嶋さちほ pp. 62-67 

Cross-review クロス・レヴュー
By Otaka Toshikazu, Suzuki Hirobumi, Moriwaki Mikio, Nakamura Toyo 大鷹俊一、鈴木博文、森脇美貴夫、中村とうよう
pp. 176-179

TAN Mitsugu: "For this issue, the editors of the magazine asked Kojima Sachiho (the leader of Japanese all-girl rock band Zelda) to write an article on FZ. The main focus was on his latest release Them Or Us, which was also picked up by the magazine's monthly album review."


1986 October

Vol. 18 No. 10

Special: Strange world of Frank Zappa  特集:汲めども尽きぬフランク・ザッパの奇妙な世界
By various authors, pp 11-37

This Zappa special is in total 28 pages, several articles by different authors. Below is the detailed table of contents.

11 特集:汲めども尽きぬフランク・ザッパの奇妙な世界

13 革新的中学生の優越感をあざわらったザッパとマザーズ … 鈴木博文
19 財布の中身とニラメッコ…ザッパの猛烈なリリース・ラッシュ … 河西正樹
28 ザッパ究極のディスコグラフィー
34 ザッパをとりまくレコーディング・メンバー20年の変遷


1987 March

Vol. 19 No. 3


For me, music is just a type of media 
By Hanafusa Koichi, pp 54-59

TAN Mitsugu:

This article is interesting, because the interview was part of the business meeting between FZ and Hidaka Masahiro (the president of Smash Corporation, now famous for organizing the Fuji Rock Festival). At Hidaka's request, the author accompanied him as a translator, and the two visited FZ's house on November 23, 1986.

Although Hidaka was eager to seek the possibility of the Japanese tour, he was disappointed when FZ told him that the standard concert tour needed at least $500,000. At the same time, however, FZ was interested in doing a mixed-media show featuring his music and "oiran" (courtesans in old-time Japan). (Obviously he was inspired by the oiran show that he had seen during the Tokyo press conference in 1976.) He insisted that this was the only possible plan of his performance in Japan, saying: "Well, I have a project of TV program now.... If it doesn't go well, I might do a concert tour. But I'm not so into touring, because I haven't touched my guitar for two years, and my physical condition is not that good due to the accident that I had during a concert tour."

After the negotiation ended, Hanafusa started an interview in a more usual manner. Topics included: why doing projects in various fields, music critics, his own record company, Moon and Dweezil, new project for TV program (probably "Nite School"), and politics.

You can find the digitized version of this article on the author's website:

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1994 January

Vol. 26 No. 1

In memoriam: Frank Zappa
pp 124-125 


Source: slime.oofytv.set


1994 February

Vol. 26 No. 2

The Composer Keeps Touring – Mr. Frank Zappa, Thank You for Making Music for A Long Time
By Mogi Takeshi, pp 100-105

Hagiwara Kenta's Compact Discovery
By Hagiwara Kenta pp 282-283

TAN Mitsugu:

(1) A memorial article from the translator who was involved with FZ's Japanese releases at the time. It has an interesting episode: When MSI got the deal with Barking Pumpkin to distribute CDs, FZ appointed Simon Prentis to be the "Semantic Scrutinizer", overseeing Mogi's translation. If Prentis or Mogi had any question, FZ would give them answers, sometimes ended up explaining much more than they expected. This process inspired FZ to start preparations for a kind of "dictionary" of his own idioms. (Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day.) 

(2) Hagiwara's monthly column on CD reissues. This month, he picks up Captain Beefheart reissues from Warner Music Japan.


2000 August

Music Magazine Special Edition 2000 August ミュージック・マガジン8月増刊号
CD Best 100: Prog's Perspective プログレのパースペクティヴ

Supervised by Matsuyama Shinya 松山晋也
176 pp