Music Maker


Music Maker was a colour monthly supplement of Melody Maker.
Music Maker
magazine published by Longacre Press lasted for 18 monthly issues starting with issue 1 in September 1966 through 1967 and ending in February 1968. Among some of it's writers were Chris Welsh, Chris Hayes, Bob Dawbarn, Barry Fantoni, Mike Hennessy, Leonard Feather, Alan Walsh, George Almond, Derek Taylor, Valerie Wilmer and Ray Coleman. Edited by Jack Hutton the magazine featured articles, interviews & photos from the Rock and Pop scene and also covered the latest Jazz, Blues, Folk artists and various middle of the road singers at the time. (Beatchapter)

1967 October

Vol. 2 No. 2


Speaking Of Mothers, Meet Frank
By Valerie Wilmer, pp 22-23

Defecating on the audience is a necessity in America today, declares Frank Zappa, weirdly bearded leader of the notorious Mothers of Invention. He was, of course, speaking figuratively, although taking some of the Mothers' on stage behaviour into account, you might well find yourself considering that statement literally! "The idea is shock theory." he went on to explain. "Generally the people are so apathetic about any thing and everything that just about the most shocking thing you can do is to insult them. They're used to groups getting up and pandering to their lowest common denominator, so we do that too. We take the crappiest songs we know – things like 'Hound Dog' and 'Blue Suede Shoes' – and give 'em what they want." (read more)

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