Music & Sound Output


Monthly magazine published in Long Island 1979-1989. "We were trying to compete with the bigger, slicker Musician, but without the budget, staff, or circulation." (David Browne, editor of Music & Sound Output)

1987 March

Vol. 7 No. 4


(1) Frank Zappa: Samplin' Fool
By Jeff Spurrier, pp 24-27, 76

(2) Engineering Jazz From Hell With Bob Stone
By Steven Schwartz, pp 26, 74

(3) Bob Rice's Synclavier Secrets
By Steven Schwartz, pp 27, 74

(4) Zappa On Jazz From Hell
By Frank Zappa, pp 28, 72

(4) Night School started off as four or five chords, played into the Synclavier. I had some guys here hanging out in the studio one night and I was giving them a demonstration of the machine. I played these chords and saved them on a floppy, and that's how that one got started. Everything else was built up from that dahdahdat dadah thing. The melody that was super-imposed on top of it – it sounds kind of like a piano and kind of like a trumpet – was something I just improvised. All the rest of the rhythm-section data was added partially from the keyboard and partially from the Roland Octapads. (read more)

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