Musician's Guide


Musician's Guide was a music monthly published in Boston in the 70s.

1977 August


Formula Perfecto
By James Riordan, pp 27-31

Rick Denhart: Do you think that Rock musicians are tending to get technically better?

Frank Zappa: Some are, some aren't. Would you say the Ramones are technically better than the Mahavishnu Orchestra?

RD: In some way.

FZ: Right. In their own peculiar way, of course. What techniques are you talking about? Direct communication is a technique. I think that over the past few years Rock 'n Roll got really etherealized and laid back to the point where it might make nice background music in a funeral parlor. All those west coast groups with the real quiet drum set, a strum guitar, and pea soup harmony in the background. Everybody's in love and everything's real nice. That's not my idea of a good time. There are other people who thrive on it. (read more)

Source: The Waldo Scrapbook