Musikens Makt


Musikens Makt or MM (The Power Of Music) was a political [left] music magazine that sprang from the music movement that was published 1973-1980. After Musikens Makt was closed down, several of its writers started the music magazine Schlager. Schlager did not have as much political character, he took up the Swedish and foreign groups that influenced the music spirit of the eighties. Musikens Makt was mostly written non-profit by people from the music music movement, both listeners, musicians, record sellers and record company people were involved and wrote. The magazine's circulation was a few thousand in the beginning but increased soon and was at most around 15,000. (Musikens Makt index)

1974 August

No. 8


Gud, en och annan guru, och några dekadenta samhällskritiker innom jazzen (Frank Zappa, Miles Davis et al)
(God, the occasional guru, and some decadent social critics in jazz)
By ?, pp 10-12



1974 December

No. 12


By Björn Nilsson, p 3



1977 February

No. 2


Frank Zappa - det är jag som är boss i bandet
(Frank Zappa - I'm the boss of the band)
By ?, p 22


Source: Musikt Makt index


1979 April

No. 4


Frank Zappa - är du något annat än en stjärna?
(Frank Zappa - are you anything but a star?)
By ?, p ?


Source: Musikt Makt index


1979 July

No. 7


Är han kvar i analstadiet (Frank Zappa)
(Is he still in the anal stage)
By ?, p ?


Source: Musikt Makt index


1979 September

No. 9


Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage (review)
By ?, p ?


Source: Musikt Makt index