Muther Grumble


Muther Grumble was an Oz/IT style underground alternative press magazine featuring rock record reviews and counterculture cartoons, humor, and essays. Based in Durham City in the north-east of England, Muther Grumble survived for two years putting out seventeen issues between December 1971 and December 1973. (eBay) has full content details and downloadable pdf files.

1972 February

No. 2


By Tony Jackson, p 17

Out of over nine hours of recorded material, Zappa has created a jigsaw that equals that of Burroughs (in writing) and Warhol (in film).

In attempting to look at his work, it is a mistake to take each album as only an individual statement. Each piece of recorded work fits (not always neatly) into the preceding pieces as well as the ones that are not yet written, let alone recorded.

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1972 May

No. 5


Captain Beefheart
By Rik Walton, p 18

All we have heard of the Captain since those early days has been in connection with his association with Frank Zappa.

So the obvious question to ask him was how this association had affected his music. The reply, to say the least, was a surprise: "All this crap put out by Zappa is nonsense. I have only met the guy about 20 times in my life. He's ripped off so many of my ideas, for instance 'Hot Rats' was my idea," said Beefheart. (read more