Full title of this magazine is NaGłos : Pismo poświęcone literaturze oraz innym sztukom, that means "magazine of literature and other arts". Nagłos can be translated as "initial sound" or "emphasis at the beginning of the word". This magazine was published by Krakow University in the 90s.

1995 June

No. 18/19 (43/44)


Apostrophe (') and Król Lear (Apostrophe (') and King Lear)
By Ben Watson, pp 27-37

Wszystko o muzyce (All About Music)
By Frank Zappa, pp 38-47

This small format but very thick (over 300 pages) issue is full of good stuff. Everybody is here - Zappa, Dylan, The Fugs, Bukowski, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen etc. For cooperation on this issue are credited Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Tuli Kupferberg and several other persons.

From Frank Zappa is translated chapter 8 of The Real Frank Zappa Book.

Plus there are many more Zappa references in other articles.