New University


The New University is the official student newspaper at UC Irvine. Originally named the Spectrum, later Spectre, The Tongue, and The Anthill, it is published once a week during the regular academic year. (wikipedia)

1970 March 11

Vol. 2 No. 36


Bill Graham Opens Olympic
By Rick Sakai, p 7

“I think we’re going to be here for a while,” Bill Graham beamed, introducing a rock “spectacular” presented at the Olympic Auditorium last Saturday night. The dance concert, which featured Bigfoot, Mountain, Johnny Winter, and Frank Zappa, was the first of a series of bi-weekly shows which Graham plans to stage at the Olympic during the next few months. (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote


1970 November 13

Vol. 3 No. 13


Zappa Et. Al.
By Bill Betts, p 7

In order to properly place the music of Frank Zappa within the context of twentieth-century music, it is necessary for the listener to be aware of several trends in the development of music over the past seventy years: increased harmonic freedom, increased rhythmic freedom, and a growing awareness of the musical potentialities of electronic sound production. (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote