Nieuwe Revu


The Nieuwe Revu is a weekly general interest magazine. The magazine was founded in 1968 as a continuation of Revu and the Katholieke Illustratie and from that moment on continued under the name Nieuwe Revu.

1983 July 22


Frank Zappa. Je wordt ouder.
By Marie-Annet van Grunsven, Wim Noordegraaf

 Automatic translation: We bump into him by chance on our tour of The Ritz, one of the biggest rock clubs in New York. And we now put ourselves in the position of the reporter who has set out to make one instructive interview. (read more)




2021 June 16

No. 24


Allergisch voor stupiditeit
By Mark van den Tempel, pp 48-55

Automatic translation: Composer, guitarist, bandleader, filmmaker, satirist; Frank Zappa was it all. For thirty years he held up a mirror to America. But behind the provocateur was a workaholic with enormous ambitions. A new documentary aims to tell the whole story. Director Alex Winter had unlimited access to the Zappa archive before that. “I wanted to show the man, not the mask.” (read more)