Nowa Wieś


Nowa Wieś (New Village) – established in 1948, issued until 2000 – was "illustrated magazine for young people". ISSN 0137-7159

1968 January 7

No. 1 Issue 995


On the cover Claudia Cardinale and Frank Zappa. No Zappa content inside.

Text next to the picture, translated by vinyl-spider@ebay: "It's carnival, funny times, weddings times, dressed-up times. On our photo Claudia Cardinale as partner of an authentic "hippie" .
Photo from the series "Parody of the "American Way of Life" by Richard Avedon, one of word famous photographers. ----
Others photos from this series on page 5 ..."

... but on page 5, nothing more about this theme, probably communistic pre-publication censorship ?

More photos from this session you can see here:

Source: slime.oofytv.set