A men's magazine founded in 1965 in UK.

1989 May

No. 36


The Porn Wars
By Frank Zappa and Peter Occhiogrosso, pp 72-74, 77, 78, 120, 122

There are several "historical accounts" of the Parents' Music Resource Center, or P.M.R.C., from which to choose. Let's arbitrarily choose this one: One day in 1985. Tipper Gore, wife of the Democratic senator from Tennessee. bought her eight-year-old daughter a copy of the sound-track album to Prince's Purpte Rain—an R-rated film that had already generated considerable controversy tor its sexual content. For some reason, however, she was shocked when their daughter pointed out a reterence to masturbation in a song called "Darling Nikki." Tipper rounded up a bunch of her Wasnington housewife friends, most of whom happened to be married to influential members of the U.S. Senate, and founded the P.M.R.C. (read more)

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This article was three years later included into The Real Frank Zappa Book as chapter 15.

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