Planet was a bi-monthly music magazine founded in 1971. "Each issue will devote mainly to one specific group, theme or artist and is planned as 'a continuing collectors series'." (Billboard)

1971 December


Planet Saluts A Vanguard Of Giants
By Planet, pp 52-65


NY: Planet, December 1971. 4to. Wrps., 80pp., printed on newsprint. A valedictory farewell illustrated throughout with photos of all the major acts who played at the Fillmore, East and West, plus sections on the light shows, unusual line-ups, Bill Graham, etc. Photographers include Lee Marshall and Amalie R. Rothschild.


The content includes: "The Miraculous Creation Called the Fillmore," "Planet Salutes the Early Groups," "San Francisco: The Magic Begins," "Planet Salutes the Fillmore West Groups," "Fillmore East: The Cross-Country Trip," "Those Outasight Light Shows," "Planet Salutes the English Groups at the Fillmore," "Planet Salutes a Vanguard of Gaints," "Fillmores to Close," "The Farewell Nights at the Fillmore East & West," and more.

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Source: Javier Marcote