Pop & Rok


Ποπ & Ροκ (Pop & Rok) was a musical magazine, founded by Yiannis Petrides (Γιάννη Πετρίδη), Costa Zougri (Κώστα Ζουγρή) and Vassos Tsimidopoulo (Βάσο Τσιμιδόπουλο). The first issue was released in 1978 and covered the international and domestic musical reality while its release ceased in 2012. (wikipedia)

1980 February

No. 24


(Frank Zappa)
By Michalis Delis (Μιχάλης Δελής) and Dan Forte, pp 68-79

Five-page article plus 7 page translation of Dan Forte interview from Musician, August 1979

 Source: slime.oofytv.set


1980 May

No. 27


Frank Zappa ό μύθος τού «Joe's Garage» (Frank Zappa: The Myth Of 'Joe's Garage')
By John Swenson, pp 42-44

This review, originally published in Rolling Stone, December 13, 1979,  was translated by Christina Rizopoulou (Χριστίνα Ριζοπούλου).

 Source: George Hoikas


1988 August

No. 123


Frank Zappa Monimo Freak Out (Permanent Freak Out)
By Niko Kontogouri (Νίκο Κοντογούρη), pp 64-68