Popular Music and Society


Quarterly academic journal founded in 1971 by Professor R. Serge Denisoff, who edited it until his death in 1994. 

Frank Zappa has been called many things since his auspicious entrance into the national music scene with his now-famous (infamous for some) first album, Freak Out, from a "truly weird, full freak" to "a supreme genius of American music." There should be no doubt about Zappa's "weirdness" as a pop figure nor about the enigmatic dimensions of his person and his art. But many writers, critics, musicologists on the one hand and record-buyers, concert-goers and aficionados of pop music on the other, have, almost universally, failed to appreciate Zappa as an extremely creative and highly proficient composer and performer of truly serious contemporary music, whose musical and artistic perception clearly transcends the narrowly defined limits of pop and whose breadth of musical experience outstrips the boundaries of all forms of American music, not simply pop. (read more)

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