Prairie Sun


Prairie Sun was a weekly newspaper published by Bill Knight in Peoria, IL, 1977-1983. ISSN 0162-8976

1980 April 26

Vol. 4 No. 6


Zingers From Zappa
By D. Housing, pp 1, 12

Everything looked so normal. The large, ranch-style house glistened. Here, up the winding road that leads from Hollywood to Laurel Canyon, only the sounds of kids playing interrupted the calm.

"How are you doing, Dweezil?" the man asked a young boy playing in the driveway. The kid said nothing for a moment. Then, looking down at the pavement, he whined, "Fine."

A teenage girl came skipping down the stairs from the house. "Where's your dad?" asked the man.

"He's in there," she said, pointing to a door slightly ajar. As I said, it looked normal. But looks can be deceptive. (read more)

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1980 November

Vol. 4 No. 32


Frank Zappa: 'It's impossible to shock an American'
By Headley Gritter, pp 1, 19

This interview is taken from Music Pulse, July 1980.

p 1 p 15 p 19

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