Progression is a full-size quarterly magazine published since summer 1992. "The coverage realm includes progressive rock, progressive metal, avantgarde/experimental, neo-classical, fusion, jazz, improvisational, free-form, ambient/space/new age, symphonic, progressive folk, electronic and other niches of eclectic musical expression."

2010 Spring

No. 59


The Second Coming
By John Collinge, pp 36-38, 40, 42-44

A Couple Of Real Creative Mothers
By John Collinge, pp 46-48


PR: You've stated from the outset with this project that your goal was to make your father's music available to a whole new generation. Have you seen tangible evidence of accomplishing this?

DZ: "We see it every day. On the Progressive Nation tour, for example, [it was] an even different kind of thing. We set out to play in front of a new audience every night. We went out there with the feeling we had no idea who knows this music and we'd like them to be interested in it by the time we're done playing. Kids who were big Dream Theater fans and didn't know anything about Frank's music became inspired and were interested in checking out more of it, and coming to see us again.
As far as our own shows we've seen a definite increase in younger people as time has gone on. It used to be parents bringing their kids, now we're actually seeing groups of teenagers showing up on their own. That's the kind of thing we've been hoping for; it really does make a difference. If young kids appreciate Frank's music on the level of what is possible musically, that's what we hope for. It's so limited if the so-called 'modern music that kids hear on the radio is all they're familiar with their whole lives. I think it's a good thing for people to hear this and say, 'Wow, I didn't know that was even possible!' And watching people do it, you still look at it like, 'How did they do that? How is it possible?' (read more)

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