Psyche Pscene


"Chicago. Lee Brooks, Joe Gino and friends have started a local show business magazine for teens called Psyche Pscene. (Billboard, August 5, 1967) Later retitled as Psyche Pscene News.

1969 March


By Michelle Stremke and Ken Garen, p 20

There is nothing cultural at all about the United States, you know, it's a slave labor industrial society. I think that a society, to be democratic, when you go back to the Greek origins of that, ought to have some sort of an ideal goal of beauty toward which they might be striving. There's no sense of beauty in the United States, no sense of anything artistic or cultural, or anything other than industrial. (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote


1971 June 7

Vol. 2 No. 11


Frank Zappa
By Sharon R. Fox, p 1

Meeting FRANK ZAPPA is a wierd experience. Witnessing a FRANK ZAPPA and MOTHERS concert is also something else. Brought to Chicago by Triangle Productions, ZAPPA freaks bought out shows at the Auditorium recently. Taking 15 minutes to tune up, he told the anxious audience "hello boys and girls, we have to tune up so we can play, so just cool it." Sitting through a MOTHERS concert isn't easy (but preceding group HEAD OVER HEELS almost made it bearable), especially if one song takes up half the time, but when the MOTHERS are doing their thing, it is entertaining, as they present musical dance numbers with each song. The group received a standing ovation (who doesn't nowadays) and came back for a five minute encore.

FRANK ZAPPA is a reporter's dream. Asked if there was a (message behind BILLY THE MOUNTAIN (30 min.) he replied, "It's just something that you do when you're on stage, what else you gonna do, jam?" Commenting on some halls being closed because of kids running it for themselves by turning on, he answered, "it's their own stupidity."

PP "has music changed much since you came out?"
ZAPPA "Yes!"

PP "would you care to elaborate on that?"

And, finally, what words of wisdom from the great ZAPPA would you give your followers?
"Register to vote."

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