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READ Magazine was a print zine created in one form or another by Adam [Coozer] in 1996. It gained notoriety for its irreverence and irregularity. Its online archive,, grew in popularity more for its hopping forum and daily news blog, two main pieces that have been contributed to READJunk. (


Vol. 4 No. 14


The Lost Interview
Interview by ??, 4 pp 

Interviewer: How did you enjoy it yesterday?

FZ: Yesterday's show? I didn't like it.

I: You didn't?

FZ: No, because we were requested to keep it ... See, ordinarily when we do a show we change the words of the songs based on what happened that day. My favorite show of the bunch here was the second show on the first night. We changed EVERYTHING. And that's when I enjoy the show. If I can laugh when I'm onstage, because something creative is happening in that regard, that's when I really enjoy the show. Yet last night's show was competent, it was tight, and it was done because we are making a CD live at the Odeon Hammersmith. So people from the company said, well you can't just go around and change all these lyrics, people want to hear the lyrics. So I said, okay! We'll play it straight. So we went out there and played it straight. And also it was being videotaped by French television and you can't be too far out when you're doing that because how are they going to subtitle it? (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set