Rat Subterranean News


Rat Subterranean News, New York's second major underground newspaper, was created in March 1968, primarily by editor Jeff Shero, Alice Embree and Gary Thiher, who moved up from Austin, Texas, where they had been involved in The Rag.
It seems probable that Frank Zappa was inspired by a sign painted on the front window of Rat‍ '​s 14th Street office, originally the previous tenant's advertisement reading "photostats made while you wait," now neatly altered to proclaim "Hot Rats made while you wait," in early March 1969; Zappa's first solo album appeared in October with that title in similar typography. (wikipedia)

1968 March 4


Greatest Mother Of Them All
By Kent Matheson, pp 24, 23

Is Frank Zappa alive, hiding in an L.A. high school locker room? Eating soggy french fries at the local Root Beer stand? An apparition of American cultures sulking in Laurel Canyon? Topical material withstanding, Frank Zappa, lead freak-composer-arranger-conductor of the Mothers (Of Invention) is alive and still freaking on the high-adolescent scene in L.A. (read more)

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