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1982 July

No. 35


Frank Zappa: many of his earliest releases are now attracting high prices
By Stuart Penney, pp 29-36

Complete U.K. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention discography + values
pp 36-37


1984 September

No. 61


Frank Zappa
A collectors guide to his early releases, sessions work, production and releases on his own labels
By Stuart Penney, pp 9-15


1987 May

No. 93


Frank Zappa
The Early Albums

By Stuart Penney, pp 38-44


1989 June

No. 118


Frank Zappa
The Bizarre Years

By Stuart Penney, pp 28-36


Source: slime.oofytv.set


1993 May

No. 165


Frank Zappa On CD: 1966-1979
By Stuart Penney, pp 88-93


Source: slime.oofytv.set


1993 November

No. 171


Frank Zappa on CD: 1979-1988
By Stuart Penney, pp 86-90


1994 May

No. 177


Frank Zappa on CD: 1988-1994
By Stuart Penney, pp 74-80


1996 March

No. 199


Zappa's "Lost Episodes"
By Mark Paytress, pp 132-133


2000 July

No. 251


Zappa: the ongoing legacy
By Alan Clayson, pp 37-41

Jimmy Carl Black
Interview by Alan Clayson, pp 42-44


2001 October

No. 266


Zappa '69
By Peter Doggett, pp 22-29


2009 May

No. 362


Frank Talk
Gail Zappa interview by Alan Clayson, pp 44-47

2016 Christmas

No. 461


Putting The Eyebrows On It
By Alun Hamnett, pp 40-45

"Though he could sing like a (rather gruff) bird, Frank Zappa preferred to hear other voices on his records. Some of those voices talk to RC's Alun Hamnett."


Source: Bill Lantz


2018 July

No. 48


Mid-life crisis? Mid-life Freak Out!
By Luke Haines, p 40