Recordings of Experimental Music


A forerunner of Electronic Musician magazine, published by Thom Holmes from 1979 to 1985. (

1984 February/March

Vol. 4 No. 3


By Thom Holmes, p 15

 I had a chance to meet with Frank Zappa in New York a few months back. In his whirlwind tour of the City he had done the David Letterman show earlier in the day (1:00 am), had just visited the studios of MTV, and now, for an hour, I was going to try and help him with some book projects of his. In the same trip he was visiting computer companies and probably scheduling a dozen other things in the span of a few days. Our conversation turned to electronic music and the Synclavier digital synthesizer, which he considers one of the most important devices around, having seen the Letterman show I knew he had just released an album of orchestral works recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, and it was arranged for me to receive a copy for review.  (read more)

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