Rock & Roll Disc


Rock & Roll Disc was a bimonthly magazine edited and published by Tom Graves in Memphis, Tennessee. Started in 1987, ceased in 1992 (?).

1987 December - 1988 January

Vol. 1 No. 4


The Rock & Roll Disc Interview: Frank Zappa
By Tom Graves, pp 6-9, 21

R&RD: What about the disco era of the 70's prior to Reagan? Many people look at that as the dark ages of rock and roll.

Zappa: I would disagree with that simply because of this: Disco was a functional type of music. We may be using the term music loosely here. Disco was designed for a specific function. It was wallpaper to be used in the background of the lifestyle of the people who inhabited those disco places. And those places were basically meatracks. The function of this music was to provide this rhythmic dance texture while people went to the meatrack. If you are going to have a meatrack why would you have anything more intelligent than disco? It seems to me to be perfectly designed for its usage. (read more)

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