Rolling Stone


French edition was first launched in 1988. The original idea was to have 60% of the content to be translated from US edition and 40% as original copy concerning French music and culture. The edition temporarily ceased and was relaunched in 2008.

2011 February

No. 29


Capitaine abandonné
By Éric Tandy, pp 20-21



2015 October

No. 78


One Size Fits All
By Kory Grow, pp 7-8

Translated and adapted by Benoît Varneix. This article is based on  "Frank Zappa Documentary by Alex Winter Starts Production".

Source: Vitaly Zaremba


2016 September

No. 87


Zappa contre Zappa
By David Browne, pp 16-17

Translation of the article from Rolling Stone, August 2016.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2018 April

No. 103


Frank Zappa: Hot Rats (review)
By Thomas Grimaud, p 87



2019 April

No. 113


Frank Zappa: Rats en fusion!
By Dominique Dupuis, pp 68-72

Frank Zappa In New York (review)
By Alain Gouvrion, p 78

The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa (short review)
By Sophie Rosemont, p 82