San Francisco Chronicle


The San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S. state of California. It was founded in 1865. The Chronicle's Sunday arts and entertainment insert section is called Datebook. (wikipedia)

1968 December 2


Those Mothers Can Really Play
By Ralph J. Gleason, 1 p


 It is not enough to say that The Mothers Of Invention, who appeared in concert Saturday night at the Berkeley Community Theater are funny. They are brilliant satirists and absolutely unique and first rate musically as well. (read more)


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1983 February 11


Opera Crowd Whoops for Zappa
By Robert Commanday, p 65


 STRANGE GOINGS-ON in the Opera House Wednesday. Some 2500 folk, mostly under 30s, vividly gotten up and down for the occasion, were there sitting in quiet awe of four delicately colored works by Anton Webern and wowed by Edgard Varèse's modernist "music noises," sensuous and otherwise. (read more)




1984 June 10



The '60s Mother Still Breaks Social, Musical Convention
By Ben Fong-Torres, pp 40-42

STOP THE presses! Frank Zappa, that mother of a curmudgeon, has been spotted actually smiling! Get out the red ink – he even chuckled once or twice during an interview!

It took him a while to loosen up that much; and the subject was one of Zappa's favorites; the dismal state of the world. And on the way to those rare breaks in his sourpuss manner, he unleashed dry-icy attacks on symphony orchestras, today's pop music, MTV, the rock press, the '60s, drugs, the U.S. government, Hollywood and show business. (read more)



1987 November 8



State-of-the-art Weirdness From Zappa
By Jeffrey Resner, p 63

CLAY-ANIMATED businessman dreams he quits his boring job and goes deep into a dangerous jungle. A fully dressed woman takes a shower with a naked lunatic and rubs hamburger meat on his back. A musician trying to preserve his freedom of speech defiantly challenges an ominous government tribunal.

It's not a hallucination. It's not a sequence from a foreign film by Bunuel or Bergman. Welcome to the strange video world of Frank Zappa. (read more)