Saturday Evening Post


The Saturday Evening Post was a weekly magazine published in the United States from August 4, 1821 to February 8, 1969. For much of that period, it was published by Curtis Publishing Co. Curtis claimed to have been founded by Benjamin Franklin, though the magazine's first issue was published more than 30 years after Franklin's death. (

1953 October 3

Vol. 226 No. 14


On page 74 is a Schick electric razor ad used by Neon Park to create the Weasels Ripped My Flesh cover. No other Zappa-related content.

Weasels Ripped My Flesh - Wikipedia


1968 January 13

Vol. 241 No. 1


Does this Mother know best?
By W.H.Manville, pp 56-57

The man at the table was Mr. Sidney Hack, president of Unicord, Inc., a company whose retail sales this year will be about $10 million; Unicord itself is a subsidiary of Gulf & Western, a business colossus that owns – besides Unicord – Paramount Pictures, New Jersey Zinc, Desilu, etc., etc. The speaker on the floor was Frank Zappa, a Mother, the chief Mother, as a matter of fact, of a rock group called The Mothers of Invention. In addition to being a musician, he is also president of The Nifty Advertising Agency, which Unicord, Inc. employs to reach the vast, new and golden – youth market. (read more

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