Sh-Boom was a magazine that ran from the late 1980s-early 1990s, published by LFP Inc from Los Angeles, that covered 50s and 60s rock n roll, TV, and films. (popkrazy @ eBay)

1990 March


The Broadcast Industry Is A Big Disappointment!
Interview by J.P. Cantillon, pp 44-47

Ray Collins: Zappa's Mouthpiece
By Steve Propes, p 46


The name Frank Zappa does not immediately conjure up visions of rhythm and blues, but in fact the Lancaster, Califomia, native got his start in the music business writing, singing and producing doo-wop and R&B duets (with Ray Collins). Remember "How's Your Bird?" and "The World's Greatest Sinner" by Baby Ray & the Ferns, or the Heartbreakers' "Everytime I See You," both from 1963? Well, Frank Zappa was on those records. The 1961 West Coast hit "Memories of El Monte" by the Penguins (of "Earth Angel" fame) was written and produced by Zappa. In 1964, the Hogs sang "Loose Lips Sinc Ships" for the Hanna-Barbera label – yep, Frank again. Then there's Bob Guy, whose "Letters From Jeepers" will be loved long after the Platters are forgotten (but not until then). You guessed it – Bob was Frank Zappa. (read more)

The Ray Collins interview here is taken from Steve Propes interview on KLON August 8, 1989. Full transcription of radio tapes – The Ray Collins Interview.

Source: Charles Ulrich